It’s MM in Dubai!

Over the moon about Food, Places, and Skincare.
Living life abundantly!

Foods I Love

Food is my language. See some of the restaurants I’ve been and the different cuisine I’ve tried on.

Places I’ve Been

If time permits (and when the world is Covid-free), I want to travel more! Come with me as I explore nooks and corners worthy of visit.

Skincare products
I am Krazy about!

I can talk about Skincare forever! I am a K-believer and obsessed with anything glowing!

Abundant Life Et Cetera

I am into savings and investments and I spread the word to anyone interested. Less is more and delayed gratification is a key.

Anyway, life is good and beautiful. Let’s live it!

MM in Dubai

A SPED teacher, Content Writer and a Blogger based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates