I write since I was 3 with the influence of my father who had been sending love letters to my Mum every single day for 5 years. Through writing, I often lose my self into deeper dimensions which only few can understand. My words allow me to explode like bomb and envelop readers like rainfall of inspiration and insights from real-life experiences. In fact, last 2014, I was blown away with something that caused me to write my first book. It is a self-published Memoir done in 2 weeks. No technicalities, this is fully packaged with my heart.

If you’re curious, it’s open for everyone’s eyes already. (You might just need some Google Translations for some verbatim convos.) Good luck and enjoy! Have it here.

Outgoing introvert, I should say; I cannot think of anything else other than writing for the rest of my life. After all, this is a big thing that God has blessed me with.

Though I can’t be wrapped in few pages, this website exhibits what I think and do. Creative, imaginative, deep thinker – these are just few of my strengths. Ambitious and competitive in a good way, I often get overwhelmed with what I do and perform above what is usual. I only believe in few things and I pursue what I believe in. Never a quitter, I am always a dream-catcher. 

I am MM in Dubai.