Ihawan: Home of the Best Barbecue


10291100_909546605781593_7631231786767164353_nI believe that one vital secret lies behind every successful restaurant – and that is their food. No matter how grandeur or warm one diner could be; if food is not pleasant, customers would rather wave its aura and satisfy their cravings at restos that serve great food. Personally, I’m such a food enthusiast and no matter how frequent, diners that serve my favorite solids don’t ever wane in my list.

Ihawan sa AE (Arab Emirates) stores a Filipino-style, grilled variety of food. Through humble beginnings, its proprietor, Ms. Adlene Panis began cooking on her own when she was still a teenager. Her cooking skills and her very delicate taste buds progressed as she continued her cooking passion with her equally-talented husband. They put up this business with hopes and intentions of serving good food among Filipinos and other nationalities alike across Dubai. Fair enough, their desires didn’t go in vain.


Indeed, Ihawan brings the best barbecue in town! Yes, they have the best barbecue I have ever tasted in Dubai!

Chicken Barbeque, 5/- AED per stick
Chicken meat is tender and fresh. It isn’t just grilled. It’s obviously marinated with right amount of ingredients, exemplified with right grilling time and degree.

Apart from their savory barbeque, I got so unguarded with this one. Beef meat is so much tender, it tasted perfectly right!



Ihawan doesn’t limit their menu on grilled foodies alone. They, too have other dishes which bring nostalgic flavor here in Sandland. For these dishes, I’ll blog very soon, so keep updated! Watch slideshow below to have ideas about my next Ihawan blog! You got to be drooling right now, as I am also!


Should you go there,  here’s a map:



Ihawan Restaurant accepts bulk orders for special occasions and holidays.

Call now – 04 269 2599!

Check out their Facebook Page

or send an email at ihawan.ae@gmail.com

MM in Dubai, with Hashtag Pinoy Social Media would like to thank:

Ihawan Restaurant

Mr. and Mrs. Panis

Ihawan Management and Staff

for the warm welcome and accommodation.

Photos: MM in Dubai © 2016 and Viewfinder © 2016

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