Little Manila: Food and Restaurant Review

It was my first time to go to Little Manila Restaurant. The invitation was confirmed at 7:00 in the evening yet we arrived few minutes later than the confirmed time. I was impressed, I must say. The sense of time and preparation that the management had was well-manifested. It was prim and professional, which I personally prefer and recognize.

The location was not really far yet for first timers like me who’s using the Metro, I had to use my GPS to track the right way. Nonetheless, if one has gone there already, the place is easy to locate from either Salah Al Din or Al Rigga Metro Stations.

Photo by Milo Torres

For further experience, I went back to Little Manila after three days. This time, I dined there as a customer. I entered the place with a grin as I spotted a secluded corner with wide dining table and cushioned, plaid seat. Right away, I sat on spot and felt the ambiance as jazz music was played all around. It was like a fine dining, only that there were no bowls, knives and forks on set. It was relaxing, subtly elegant and home-style.

Several unpleasant reviews were posted online about this place. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, my two visits there had given me entirely different views from what I have read online and what I have overheard.

Pick the peaks, here are sets of main course we actually tried:

Sisig Rice – not a rice eater, I chose this over plain rice to see whether it justified its name. Fare enough, this would do without much meat. Rice alone could suffice hunger though to be more fussy, a little pinch of salt and pepper would have made it much better. The serving is just right: not too heavy to take in and fairly sufficient for average eaters.


Chicken Sisig – I have always been in love with all kinds of Sisig. With this, I had to look on its spice. Sizzling or not, I had always loved this dish because it’s spicy. Yet, my buds were not satisfied – lack of chili, I suppose. Nevertheless, the rest of it tasted great especially when eaten with the Sisig rice. Ohh, perhaps sizzling ones would also do better!


Other than the two dishes above, I would like to share my Top 3!

Third choice would be Bulalo Steak. Its name itself brought me curiosity. I didn’t know that Bulalo could be plunged with jus and mushrooms! The presentation is really nice, t’was on spotlight when we spent a couple of minutes for it on our lenses. Beef meat is tender, which is the most important regard. Two thumbs up for this dish!


Top 2 is even more surprising! How on earth can Beef Adobo exist? Well, here it is! Binalot’s Beef Adobo in Little Manila blew me off! As I have mentioned, hands up to tender beef meat. When beef meat is soft, its purpose is never defeated. This is just too perfect for solid eaters…like me! *chuckles*


My Top 1 is Beef Tapa. Is it too obvious that I love beef? Well, who could resist this mouth-watering and tenderized beef! Not-to-mention, the salted egg is truly authentic! I was told it came straight from Pinas! It wrapped everything perfectly. The rice is also quite sticky, which made me remember our rice back home. Truly, kudos for whoever cooked and prepared this!


I also asked my best friend who had eaten there few months back. In much fairness, the food has been improved, it’s way better than the early times of operation. When I ordered myself, it took only seven (7) minutes of waiting. Not bad, yah?

The whole experience was great and full! I would not have this place reviewed if it is not gonna be worth the critic.

MM in Dubai beats (of 5):

Location         –   –   –   –    ♥ ♥ ♥

Place/Ambiance –  – – –  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Speed of Service – – – –  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Value for money – – – –  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Food – – – – – – – – – – – ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Overall Rating – – – – ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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(l-r) Marr, Judith, Abi, MM, Mr. Ken (Brand Manager) and JunieIMG_9003

(l-r) Marr, Judith, Abi, MM, Mr. Ken (Brand Manager) and Junie

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Watch out for my incoming blogs about Little Manila Restaurant! Places like this can’t easily be gotten over of. Teheeee! ♥

Little Manila Restaurant is located at K6 Building, Al Muraqqabat Street, Al Muraqqabat, Deira, Dubai.

For reservations, please call 04 299 9315. They will head the streets for delivery soon!!!

MM in Dubai, with Hashtag Pinoy Social Media would like to thank:

Little Manila Restaurant

Mr. Ken Peralta

Ms. Ana Margarita Espineli

Little Manila Restaurant Management and Staff

for the warm welcome and accommodation.

Photos: MM in Dubai © 2016 and Viewfinder © 2016


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