Zagu Shakes Three More Flavors!

logoZAGU outbreaks fads, rising and growing to more than 500 branches in the Philippines. Now, this famous pearl shake brand has made foot here in Sandland, making nostalgia of home real and accessible.

Zagu is housed inside Little Manila Restaurant, Al Muraqqabat Street, Deira, Dubai. For a very limited time, they shake three (3) more flavors just perfect for a big summer blowout!!!


These three new flavors include FOUR SEASONS, SAGO at GULAMAN and MANGO. Obviously, these are some of Filipino’s taste preferences, which we rarely have here in Dubai.



I tasted the Mango flavor and thank youuuu, it tasted really Filipino-ic, and not the other mangoes around (if you know what I mean). Seriously, it is! The pearl and tapiocas add more delight to its original taste. I hoped to get one more but I’d nevertheless grab it when tummy will be more accommodating. 🙂

See how Kabayans enjoyed dining with Zagu… 🙂

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Hence the price, 50% discount is incredibly offered on REGULAR and GRANDE sizes (for these flavors only)!!! As a consumer, that’s totally awesome for a brand that I always love and a great tip for a taste that’s truly authentic and homey.


What are you waiting for? Grab your Zagu NOW!!! 


Junie of Buhay Sa Dubai TV, MM in Dubai and Viewfinder enjoyed Binalot’s special with Zagu’s new flavors on the rise!

Junie of Buhay sa Dubai TV vlogs this, watch it here!!!

The team with the gang 🙂

MM in Dubai, with Hashtag Pinoy Social Media would like to thank:


Little Manila Restaurant

Mr. Ken Peralta

Little Manila Restaurant Management and Staff

for the warm welcome and accommodation.

Photos: MM in Dubai © 2016 and Viewfinder © 2016

End logo 2

Let’s SHAKE it on!

Comment below for questions and sharing…


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