Off to Açaí Spot

First of all, it’s pronounced as (Ah-sigh-ee), prolong the last syllable, please. 😄

For a quick look back, Açaí is a reddish-purple fruit from açaí palm, a native tree in Brazil. Açaí has health benefits: it’s an anti-oxidant and an energy booster. It has calcium and vitamins as well.

So, this friend invited me to have coffee, didn’t I know it was this place, where I always wanted to go to a few months back – The Açaí Spot!

The place has a high ceiling, which I personally like. It’s literally homey, it isn’t so crowded and tables are not congested in their setting. 


As a bookworm, the books really caught my attention when I went upstairs. It felt good to stay here for hours, not without these goodreads and a lovely couch. 


Before we placed our order, I looked at the whole spot first. I would like to stay here to write plans and dreams. I would desire to spend hours here and talk to someone special or to a client perhaps. The ambiance is closest to perfect. It’s bright, wide, quiet and homey. 

Just a few minutes after settling, a Kabayan came to take our orders. Since t’was our first time, we asked for her recommendation. Their signature Açaí Fruit Mix “The Loved One” was offered beyond doubt. Grabbed it, it was perfectly the one I always saw on Facebook Ad!


The Loved One tasted good but quite expensive than it actually was. It was a mix of açaí with greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, and granola. They were all organic, hence the price.

The Hot chocolate was not really a signature but was good to go, anyway. It costs AED18, more likely the same with hot chocolates in other cafés. 

Should you wanna browse the whole menu, just click here.


Though not really impressed with the tastes, the presentation was nice and service was great. Above all, Açaí Spot is one of the places that’s perfect for small-talk business or friendly meetings. As what I have mentioned above, the ambiance is too good, we actually sat like we were on our own sofa. 

PRICE RANGE : around AED 100 (for two people)

LOCATION : Centurion Star Tower, GS20, Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai (next to Tandang Sora) – DCC Metro Station

CONTACT : 04 295 9099 or 050 644 9514

TIMINGS : 9 AM to 12 midnight daily


Will go there one of these days to try other dishes. Will update you, for sure. 

Browse more about The Açaí Spot here. Enjoy and see you around!

Hey! Have you been there? Why don’t you share your experience with us?

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