The Flower Market Dubai

Sophisticated, elegant, classic, rustic, dainty, elaborate, Bohemian, romantic, cultural, hipster, modern, quirky, tropical, vintage, name it all – I’ve been to a place where such words come to life, where forever starts and stresses end!

Are you up for finding flowers for your sweetheart? Or getting stressed with choosing centerpieces for your upcoming wedding under a tight budget? Or have you called too many other flower shops for a big corporate event? Drop the anxieties and stop the fret. Let me show you the perfect answer to your drawn-out checklist.

Flower market outside

Flower market receptionFlower market front sideFlower market dhcc

Passionate with fresh, rare flowers and intricately fashioned designs, The Flower Market Dubai accommodates all kinds of flower needs. Unique and extraordinary, they style and play with packaging and accessories desired by the clients. 

Flower market 1Flower market 2Flower market 3Flower market 4Flower market 6Flower market wedding

When you think they are expensive, they may be! But, The Flower Market Dubai works with the clients’ budget.

Show what you want, convey your budget, and they will carry your dream flower arrangement beyond your expectations!

Flower market arcFlower market centerpieceFlower market centerpiecesFlower market corporate eventsFlower market roses

They’re all up for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, bouquet deliveries, walk-in purchases, and all other styling and events! 

Flower market 8Flower market flowersFlower market loungeFlower market pink flowersFlower market rare flowersFlower market red rosesFlower market yellow roses

All flowers are freshly delivered every single day! For sure, we all would desire nothing but the best for our special ones. The Flower Market Dubai is dedicated to quality of flowers and the services they offer. 

Flower market lounge

And just when they thought someone might have given me flowers, The Flower Market Dubai solves the mystery. Thank you for this complimentary. 😛

Flower market complimentary

Visit The Flower Market Dubai at City Pharmacy Building No. 72, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai. Or click the map here.

For more details, call +971 4 553 9411 or +971 52 208 8952.


Flowers are languages that even babies, can understand.


This coming EID, show your love and share it through flowers!

Flower market EID

MM in Dubai would like to thank:

The Flower Market Dubai (No other branch)

Jolly Milette Zulueta

Eden Tolentino

for the warm conversation, tour and complimentary.

Photos: MM in Dubai © 2016

The Flower Market Dubai

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