On a See-food Diet at Max’s Al Ghurair

How can I lose weight when I am always on a SEE-food diet? Everything I see, I eat! LOL

One of the perks of food blogging is tasting each dish, which is quite a must. Nonetheless, I was delighted to be invited by Carla of myyellowbells.com to join the Bloggers’ Night at Max’s Restaurant, Al Ghurair Mall branch.

Even more delighted, Max’s array of seafood was served. Check these out!


Black Pepper Blue Sea Crab (tossed in homemade black pepper sauce) AED 58/-



Deep-fried Hammour (topped with sweet and sour sauce, mango, pineapple and mixed peppers) AED 59

Fish meat is soft and tasty. It is also well-presented, which I hope my photo justifies. This is good when you don’t wanna go home bloated and full. Light and delicious, it is!



Grilled Squid (stuffed with chopped prawn, onion and tomato) AED 49/-

Squid is something my hometown is very abundant of. It was notably brittle when I tasted, in which it should be! It was grilled just right and with stuffed flavors, it tasted even better. Though squids differ their taste based on the place and time they were obtained, Max’s squids have succeeded my expectations. 



Tiger Prawns (Wok-fried prawnn in sweet chilli, garlic and oyster sauce) AED 57/-

Sugpo is love! I just love how it was cooked and served. This, I bet and I recommend. I just wish amount of serving takes a leap higher for a starving squad. 


Other than these seafood, Max’s served more solids!


This is Philippine stew complimented with a thick savory peanut sauce. It is made from a base of stewed oxtail (sometimes this is the only meat used), pork hocks, calves feet, pig feet, beef stew meat, and occasionally offal or tripe. (Wiki)



This is also recommended! I could taste everything and it melts in the mouth. Everything sizzling excites; really good that the taste confirms the sizzles. Two thumbs up for this! Sneak my video clip when it was served.


….and desserts! The cheesecake topped with ice cream got me! It should be eaten together. There was a combination of sweetness and crunchiness of cracker and pastry, softness of each, perfected with the cold flavor of heaven on earth, tasted in your mouth! Gulp!




Another night of fun and new circle of friends. Check ’em here:

Ion of boydubai.com

Sheila of abandme.com

Grace of sadierpastures.com

Dennen of janesarabia.com

Carla of myyellowbells.com

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Pam of glimpsesofpam.blogspot.com

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Mau of blesseddaysindubai.com

Joy of thethifttrip.com

Arena of arencejean.com

Ryle of thefiercewalker.com

MM in Dubai would like to thank:

Max’s Restaurant – Al Ghurair Branch

Ms. Carla Roque

Mr. Ion Gonzaga

Filipino Bloggers

Mr. Art Los Banos and Ms. Rachel Salinel of The Filipino Channel

Max’s Restaurant Management and Staff

Photos: MM in Dubai © 2016

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