Big Boodle Food found in Karama

Big Boodle Food or BBF Multicuisine is now open inside Ansar Gallery, Al Karama! It’s a restaurant that serves different cuisines every after 3 months! Isn’t it interesting? For now, they are serving Filipino, American and Italian cuisines. 

The new restaurant can be accessed from the back side of Ansar Gallery. It wasn’t too difficult to find since the restaurant is visible from the entrance. Upon entering, two staff welcomed; my warm and positive impressions are on them. 


The place is huge, has a high-ceiling and has a nature theme. Relaxing and cozy, it’s another restaurant ideal for catching-up gatherings and night-long talks among friends and families. Chopsuey canape, mojos and chicken with garlic mayo are served as complimentary.


For now, I chose Filipino dishes and checked on their seafood. Squids with Adobo rice – chewy and tasty, grilled in charcoal. Adobo rice has larger quantity than expected. Prices are very reasonable, given that the place is undeniably nice and good.


One of the best sellers, these baked beef fries sealed the visit. Expecting to be like the ones served in cinemas, these ones are utterly cheesy and delectable. Awesome as starter or side apart from the main course. This is a must-try!


To make everything more than perfect, blended Frappe is irresistible. Sweetness is on normal level, it’s finer than it should be. The way it’s served is also a plus – glass-coded blends and mocktails specially served for you!


All of these are more savoured as your mobile phones are placed on this dainty hamper. I liked this! Mobile phones should at least rest while having good times and meaningful conversations among our loved ones.


BBF Multicuisine is open daily, 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM. RTA and free parking are available. Free wifi is also there. It’s kid-friendly and high chairs are provided for your babies. For those taking the Metro, it is 5-minute walk from Burjuman Metro Station.

For more information, click here.

Watch our vlog visit here with Buhay sa Dubai TV.


MM in Dubai would like to thank:

BBF Multicuisine

Ms. Clarissa – Proprietor

Mr. Junie Sorsano

BBF Multicuisine Management and Staff

for the warm welcome and accommodation.

Photos: MM in Dubai © 2016

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