Artist uses something sweet for an Art Project

HONEY – a metaphor of sweetness and a gift of nature just found another use. Dense, heavy and sticky, it was never an ideal raw material for visual art. However, American photographer Blake Little has launched an art project called Preservation with people drenched in honey to create a striking visual experience.


Blake was intrigued by the sustainable characteristics of honey. More than its physicality, honey is luminous and transparent – all prone to sculptural and photographic optics, especially when it makes contact with the human body.


A baby, a tattooed couple, a lady, a dog, and an elderly photographed among others are vividly presented and preserved in such a rare form, using honey! For Blake, the gleaming golden honey can change the qualities of his subjects, creating something different, unique and universal.

While immersed in honey, organic substances which are prone to decay are preserved for ages. Honey used to seal tombs in ancient times is safe to consume even up to this day! Studies reveal that ancient Egyptians offered honey and honey cakes to their gods. You could find religious scriptures like Quran and Bible mention the healing properties of Honey. Roman and Greek poetry also talks about the benefits of honey being mixed with milk.


Howsoever extreme, grueling, and fear-provoking to be covered with flowing honey, all of Blake’s subjects, fortunately, remain very much alive – leaving a trend and awe to viewers and critics.

You may order the book of Blake Little at How would you feel to be soaked in Honey? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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