Air Bonsai at its finest

Japanese have been crafty with the art of bonsai making for many centuries. Hosinchu, a company based in Kyushu, Japan just elevated the craft of bonsai making to a whole new level. They developed a new planter system which could make your little bonsai trees and other plants floating in the air using forces of magnetic energy.


Air Bonsai has two parts: the “Little Star”, which is an orb made from a piece of sponge and the “Energy Base”, an electrified pedestal over which the little star floats and rotates. With your own choice of plant, you can have your desired bonsai planted onto the sponge and make it levitate in the air.

Air Bonsai Starter Kit homes a 15cm X 6cm-high magnetic base (Energy base), a mossy ball (Little Star), where your chosen bonsai will be planted, a cushion, an AC adapter and a “Kiri” Box for a safe parcel. This package is available for a starting price of $200 ! Customized planters and bases are also available for purchase.


Truly, Air Bonsai is something you will really be amazed at! Place your orders now and make a wish on your little star!

This article is written by MM in Dubai for


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