10 Reasons Why Al Khail Gate is Absolutely an ACEpartment

The GATE is real.

Not one, but two! It’s a gated and fenced community you’re living in. With most residents earning less than the maximum wages, it’s definitely a brilliant choice to stay here. It’s aesthetically practical, I must say. I have stayed in blocks of flat downtown but for me, the physical wall surrounding the community impresses security and exclusivity which I would relatively prefer. 

The GRILLED CHICKEN at LIM’s CAFE is to die for.

You have to believe me! I could memorize the Hindi songs played on their screen; I am a regular. Guess their grilled chicken is so much addictive that craving for it is but my occurring pleasure. The Devilish Chocolate smoothie seals the deal. For delivery, call 050 186 4186. (This is not a sponsored post.)

BLUEMART is cool.

It opened just recently with loads of laundry soap and eggs promotions. In the same building sits KFC, Etisalat, Arabian Grill, and jewelry shops where you can check and buy convenient stuffs. 

WESTZONE is open 24 hours.

This is huge. It’s like a Philippine version of hypermarket where groceries, small food court, and assorted clothing essentials are sold. Why go out when most of your needs are here? Mini-Karama and Satwa cell phone retailers are ever present for your mobile accessories and needs. Not to mention, Du and Etisalat mobile package agents catch your attention along the walkway (with free speaker and USB). Should you have an emergency, a clinic is here for a provisional check up. Pharmacy, Exchange Center, ATM kiosks, Laundry Shop, Salons, Optical Shops, and even wellness center and flower shops are apparently within reach. Westzone is life!

There is a PARK.

Run, play, sit, (or date). Al Khail Gate’s park is mostly packed with muscle-finders, cricket and basketball players, lovers, frequent grass-sitters, and rovers. For families who have kids, an hour or two in the swings and slides could make an interesting, DIY Family Day.

Al Khail Cover Photo copy 


FRIDAY MARKET happens every month. 

Used clothes, books, and other stuffs are sold during monthly night market. Even I used to stay for minutes to watch the small program with singing and dancing contests. In the future, I wish to see ferris wheel, horror trains and circus. That would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (uh’oh)

BUS STOPS and TAXIS are anywhere. 

I could play 3-4 songs from Metro to Al Khail Gate (and vice versa). It could be lengthy for some but not at all bad for many commuters like me. There are 3 bus stops (ride F15 or F17) to and fro and taxis are wide awake. Nothing to worry when you’re going home late.

PARKING is free.

Commuting may be persevering but residents having a car can also be challenging. Parking inside Al Khail Gate is free – on first come, first serve basis. Otherwise, park at your own RTA risk. All the best! 

SECURITY GUARDS are doing their job.

Security is stationed on each and every building. CCTV’s are everywhere. Although your window is just next to a parking lot, your snooze is rest assured safe and sound. 

It is HOME.

Before, I ever thought such place is isolated, far, and labor-full! Well, it is in a way, though. I’ll put it on my terms – it’s private, exclusive, and collective. People live here with their own circle, contributing and accommodating other residents from many countries. From a long and tiring day, going home to such neighborhood is pleasant and relaxing. Besides, Al Khail Gate houses my heart, it is likewise where I should rather be. 

Al Khail Surroundings

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the community or the position of Dubai Properties. 

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