Little Manila Restaurant: What’s New?

We have seen how it started, grew, and prospered – Little Manila Restaurant; so far, remains in my “Top Filipino Restaurant” list. 

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July 2017 – House of Lechon Manok has been opened. I was personally anticipating its launch since what they would serve are kind of my favorites – they were undeniably typical Filipino picks and best-loved. 

True enough, they exceeded my expectations. Here, I would show the menu according to my best preference.

Note: Please note that the opinions and reviews stated are in no way influenced by any brand or person. Everything is subjective to the blogger’s personal background, experience and choice. 

TOP 1: LECHON BAKA LIEMPO (Roasted Beef Belly)

HLM_LiempoBaka Liempo on servingLechon Baka Liempo

Well-done cooked beef belly is truly outrageous! Liempo is always love – to be eating the juicy, grilled belly is pure happiness. Chao Fan rice is topped with this beef liempo, and it comes with 1 Red Iced Tea. Tagged AED 27 only

Could have been better: Beef meat can be medium rare. Its juice would naturally come out – more mouth-watering!

TOP 2: LECHON MANOK (Roasted Chicken)

Lechon Manok 1Lechon Manok 2

I almost forgot how Philippines’ Lechon Manok (Roasted Chicken) tastes like till I had this. This 1.4-kilogram favorite is only served whole. It comes with 2 cups of rice and 2 glasses of Red Iced Tea – tenderness, yumminess, and happiness for AED 45 only! 

The pictures say it all. Guess I don’t have to say it’s delicious ‘coz it obviously is!

You should prove it yourself!


TOP 3.5: TENDERLOIN LECHON MACAU (Roasted Beef Tenderloin)

Lechon Macau on servingLechon Macau

I must admit, I had a lot of these! The beef meat is tender and very tasty. The tropical Asian sauces are well-tasted. Likewise, this comes with a rice and a Red Iced Tea; tagged AED 25.

TOP 3.5: LECHON BAKA PAKSIW (Roasted Beef Stew)

Lechon Baka Paksiw

Forget the oil. The intention of authentic Lechon Paksiw has not been defeated. It isn’t that sour, which I personally like. (served with rice and Red iced tea, for AED 27 only)

Could have been better: Beef meat should be more tender and soft. 


Chicken Wraps

To be honest, I am very picky with vegetables and I am not a fan of fresh Lumpia. This Chicken Wrap; however; has deviated my first impression. I was surprised to end up loving it; its sauce wins over the entire taste! 

  • Best for Snacks and while killing the time
  • It is served with a drink, for AED 10 (each wrap) only!

SO/SO: LENGUA BEEF ESTOFADO (Beef Tongue in Tomato Sauce)

Lengua Beef Estofado

The very fact that it’s a tongue makes me apprehensive to eat; hence affected my taste. For those who can and who will, go! *wink 

It is served with rice and drink, AED 25 only.

SO/SO: LENGUA BAKA (Beef Tongue in Mushroom Sauce)

Lengua Baka Mushroom

Believe me, I tried!

But, eating a tongue is just not my bet. 

Service and price are the same with Lengua Estofado.

Main dishes would never be complete without the much-anticipated new desserts. Everything is AED 18 only! These are perfect for outside’s oven-like temperature. 


Halo Halo

Without any hesitation, this Halo Halo has conquered the world! Forget the efforts of mixing hard ice with all other ingredients! No more spills, just relax and enjoy its sweet potato base, already-mixed tubers and fruits, ube ice cream, and leche flan. 


Choco Brownie ala mode

I love this! Eat the Vanilla ice cream and the brownie together and you will forget your problems! 

Could have been better: Brownie should be hot to fight the coldness of the ice cream (and vice versa). They both should be eaten the same time to experience and taste its magical, opposing and sweet combination. 


Cinnamon Roll ala mode 1

Not a fan of Cinnamon but this one is awesome. It is not so sweet, which I really prefer. Both Cinnamon and brownies are made by Little Manila’s Breadshop. 

By far, this is Little Manila Restaurant’s best! I am excited about what they are going to have in the coming months. It continues to succeed. It gets better. It makes us happier since the day it began. 


“Home is not faraway. It’s in Little Manila.” -MM in Dubai

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Little Manila Restaurant is located at K6 Building, Al Muraqqabat Street, Al Muraqqabat, Deira, Dubai.

For reservations, please call 04 299 9315. They will their Abu Dhabi branch very soon!!!

MM in Dubai would like to thank:

Little Manila Restaurant

Mr. Ken Peralta

Chef Jojo Joaquin

Little Manila Restaurant Management and Staff

for the continuous trust and support.

Photos: MM in Dubai © 2016


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