Are you up for a fitness workout or run? Check out this awesome shoe from Adidas ! It’s hard to believe that such a stylish pair of sneakers is made from fishing nets and waste plastic from oceans. Fishing nets thrown into the ocean are one of the key causes of sea pollution. However, these reclaimed plastic wastes and illegal fishing nets are now being put to good use through this bold initiative by Adidas.

Adidas-ocean-plastic-shoe-FIAdidas-Recycled-Shoe-01Adidas-Recycled-Shoe-03Adidas-Recycled-Shoe-04The upper portion of the shoe will be created with recycled plastics and green fishing net fibres. The sole and base of the shoe will utilise other sustainable materials.

Adidas partners with Parley for the Oceans to make this project a reality. Parley for the Oceans is an organisation in which creators, thinkers and leaders team up to raise awareness about the alarming state of the oceans to take steps to protect it.

Waste materials for the production were supplied by The Sea Shepherd Conversation Society, another environmental organization. They spent over a hundred days tracking illegal poachers in African coast and recovered nearly 45 miles of fishing net. The organizations, with Adidas, have high hopes of having a more advanced technology for gathering micro-plastics and other subtle materials underwater.

Adidas was accused of environmental pollution in past by Greenpeace. However, we hope this new initiative by them could set an example for other leading brands to shift towards sustainable production techniques.

This article is written by MM in Dubai for


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