Project #100days – Day 1

I was born chubby. I used to get bullied by my grade school classmates because I was fat. At 6th grade, I starved my self in desparation to be thin. I kinda won, I lost a lot of weight and reached a normal BMI. I was able to sustain that till I was in college. However nice, I was binge eating the time I was working. I was physically stressed at work and made food my sweetest escape. 

I reached 80 kg when I was 23. Shocking! I didn’t know I was already a panda. 

Before I knew it, my (ex) boyfriend left which urged me to do workout. It was one of my ways to move on. In 5 months, I became 60 kg. 

Nonetheless, my weight increased when I landed here in Dubai. I became a food blogger which required and allowed me to taste various cuisines. I enjoyed my job a lot – deadly hobby that made me back to a staggering 78 kg! 

I have been walking and jogging for a week now. I cannot continue being unhealthy. I cannot just smile and tell I love my self when I am not doing anything to make it feel and look good. 

Today, I start my 100-day entry towards my transformation project. For soooo long, I have been wanting to do this and this time, I should keep this serious. 


Breakfast : 1 apple

Lunch : Chicken Biryani

Dinner : Carrot juice (fresh from my juicer)

Help me reach my goal. Suggest something you might see beneficial for me. Let’s do this! 

MM in Dubai Footer copy

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