The Power of 5 Years

I want you to think about your desires five years from now. SKY IS THE LIMIT!

For about 30 seconds, pause and think what you want to acquire, what you want to become in 5 years…

  • How do you look like by that time? Will you be looking slimmer? Or will you be gaining an extra-healthy weight? 
  • How do you want your job to become? How much will your salary be by then? 
  • Will you still handle your colleagues and friends the same as now? How about your not-so-good acquaintances? 
  • If you are single, will you have your own family by then? If you are married, how do you picture your life with your own family? Will it be a plateau? Or will it rise at the summit? 

I am no exemption of these thoughts. To share a few, my personal desires are as follows:

  • For a long time, I have been battling my urge to eat junk. Now, I have improved by grace, I’m eating on time and I’m eating quite right. I opt to buy fresh ingredients and cook them at home. In 5 years time, I may have the normal BMI again. 
  • Right now, I’m very blessed and grateful for the company I am working with. But I love change and growth. I desire to earn hundreds of thousands more without going to an office 9 hours a day. I desire to write a best-selling book and work my passion out. In 5 years, I’ll have my own 2-storey building with around 10 apartments for rent. That way, my salary will be saved and extra income will secure my children’s future expenses and my family’s needs. In 5 years, I’ll not be an employee, I’ll be the employer!
  • As with my friends and colleagues, perhaps my experiences will teach me well. I’d probably have more circle of spiritual friends and will be able to be a positive influence to my other pals.
  • Last but not the least, most probably I’ll be happily married by then. A child is enough, maybe. My household will serve the Lord, my husband leads while I support. We will grow together in the fullness of time.

Dreaming is free and it is very beautiful. It’s an exercise of the mind and a motivation to proceed no matter how the circumstances will go. Before dreams were thoughts and little hopes… Would you believe that 5 years ago, I also paused and thought in a corner?

  • Five years ago, I was earning so less when I knew I deserved for more. Self-pity was a killer but it didn’t end me. I dreamed for a few thousand salary increase and now, God gave more than half of my previous pay. 
  • Five years ago, I was always a nagger! I screamed, I lost control, I shouted to people and hit them (No joke!) I was violent and hostile. I was an undiagnosed bipolar (I seriously think that). I couldn’t handle defeat and bad situations made me worse. But people who know me now might be shocked about these revelations. 
  • Five years ago, I was into a very unhealthy relationship. I was longing to get out but ironically gave in. I was in darkness and ever wondered if I could love again. Years ago, I was just wondering if someone will ever love me again – love the real and full me. But now, I look back and smile – and glance the photo of my now fiancé.


Five years ago, I was just dreaming. Now I am living my dreams. I was just praying and now I am rejoicing with my answered prayers. 

Who would have thought that such impossible imaginations will take into place? Who would have made the dead bones alive? It was impossible for a limited human being but very ‘sure’ for a mighty God! 

I just want to inspire you today. Grab a paper or your notepad. List all your dreams, speak from your heart and offer them to the Lord. Jesus Christ has planted those dreams in you and you just have to believe in Him and He will make everything happen, in His time!

Bonus: His time is different from ours. Love the waiting game and learn from every aspect of it. Appreciate every step because every process hones your character. In the fullness and sovereign time, you will reap the fruits of your labor effortlessly and abundantly! 

Five years from now, what and who will you become?

“He has made everything beautiful in His time.” -Ecclesiastes 3:11

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