50 Days Until I Do! 50 Years From Now, Will I Still Love You?


50 years from now, will I still love you?

Time is flying too fast, I almost lost track that it’s gonna be November next week! It just entails how fast it is towards the big day. Apart from the giggling idea of getting married, from the exciting reveal of the long-time wedding preparations, the certainty of marriage is something beyond the fantasy dome.

After that one-day event, what is going to happen? When ecstasy retires, how am I going to feel?

As early as now, the road to forever uncovers sides which are sometimes offensive and unpleasant. It encounters clashes which are challenging to comprehend and provokes arguments which cause, is sometimes undefined. What more when marriage magnifies everything? It intensifies every plight and confronts true colours which are yet to discover. 

The thing is, love is a choice. It sprouts from an illogical feeling that pledges a person to stay no matter what. It speaks volume even without utterance, makes a person realize things he thought has never existed. Love is powerful – it breaks but it makes us whole. Marriage, for that matter, is a great venue to express, share and practice what truly love is all about. While the challenges ahead may seem disturbing, marriage is a divine oneness of two people getting up and not giving up. It won’t be about why to encounter or who will encounter. It will about defeating the barrier and defying the tests…together.

God’s grace carried us here. And by grace, we shall carry on.

50 days from now, will I still love you? Well, let me not say it, let me prove it.



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