28 Years of Waiting: 28 Days to Go Before We Do!

WAITING. It is usually painstaking, agitating, nerve-wracking, name it. It is something we don’t really prefer. It is something we don’t desire. But look around, life is a waiting game.

When I was younger, I told myself I’d marry at the age of 23. Since I graduated college really early, I assumed my thought could be realized since odds were ever on my favour – or so I thought. Well, I got single the very year I turned 23. I quit my job, withdrew my almost-there Masters completion, flew to Dubai and got my feet zero on the ground. 


Waiting for the right one was like hoping for a rain on a summer sky. You’d appear crazy and in despair, waiting for someone who might never arrive, or expecting for a man who doesn’t even exist. I could remember my self talking to God and telling I was ready to love again. “Lord, I’m ready. I think You should now give me a love life.” So bossy and silly, but waiting in God turned out different. My plans were not His, my timetable, unlikely. While I thought I was ready, I knew my self deeper to be learning so much in preparation for the real thing. While a wedding was but my dream, the waiting instead, taught me the essence and responsibilities entailed in marriage.  It was a process, a gradual one. It was character-building, trust-enriching, faith-deepening. It was unpredictable, it was surprising, but it was very beautiful!

My ideal 23-year old self thought of this present age having a very settled career, owning my dream house, running a business and making investments, completing Masters and higher Ed and promotions, arrgh! Guess, it says hello to a wedding that is about to happen, an apartment that is owned by someone, a job that is not gonna last – it doesn’t matter. I’ll wait more until the right things come for us just like as these things do now. 

28 more days for the 28-year-old dreamer to get hitched, officially! It’s time to celebrate and wait for greater things ahead! After all, it is all worth it!

God bless your waiting game. It won’t ever be in vain.


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” -Ecclesiastes 3:1



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