2018 – Blessed and Blissful

Just like that, it’s 2019 in a few hours!

This year has just been so moving, interesting and awesome, I cannot help but express how grateful, blessed and blissful I am.

I am overwhelmed of how the Lord keeps His promises. For He has always planned to give us hope and a future:

I got engaged and got married! Yes, my year has started with a ring on my finger and ended up with how it symbolizes – covenant of forever. I’m actually here in Amenia now for our honeymoon and being joyful is just an understatement!

This year also highlights my family who came to be with us in the wedding. Arrghhhh, there is no consolation for being away for three years yet the distance and time come worthy the moment we were together! Pure bliss!

Not to mention, God has blessed us with extended families who, here and there, have always been cool, supportive and superb! How could we move forward if not with the help and love from these people?

And there has been so much more!!! But above all, I give back all praise to God who lives and reigns forever! For He gives the life, strength, grace and love for each one of us to live however easy or hard life may be. With all that has happened this year, may we all practice gratefulness and appreciation, may we keep things low and value humility and may we continue to do what is right and be the person our Creator has wanted us to be.

God’s will and God’s time. All Glory to Him only!

Have a blessed and blissful 2019!

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