21 Days of Covid Life Lessons: Day 1 – Gratitude

Two weeks ago, we were gathered for an announcement. Before we could prepare ourselves, we were told to have leave for a fortnight because of COVID-19 virus. Days before that, so many establishments had to close – the theme parks, massage parlours where many of our biggest clients set in. The previous days were spent ending great deals due to the market and pandemic situation. Each day, the conditions got more scary, we saw lesser people in our building, and heard more terrible news. The announcement was unprecedented but given the preceding circumstances, it was nonetheless foreseen.


It has been two weeks since that day and the situation does not show any progress yet. Instead of dwelling into what I cannot control, I take the bolder step to set aside my worries and scratch out the fears of the future. Amidst the threat of this crisis, I choose the other perspective of appreciating what I have instead of worrying what I lack, relishing what I still enjoy rather than fretting about what I want to gain.

Today, I am thankful for three things:

  • Food
    My cousin mentioned about his flatmates sleeping to spare some meals of the day. While reality is exposing how many people are hungry, I am thankful that I am still able to enjoy three meals a day, to be able to stock up food for the next few weeks and be able to relish each bite as if nothing has ever happened.
  • Shelter
    While many of us fear about the seemingly perpetual rent and with many people living on the streets, I am thankful to be staying where I am, to be able to live as comfortable as I have been, to be able to sleep in a comfortable bed and be able to have this shelter in times of distress. Before the pandemic, I was keen to have a bigger apartment with Scandinavian furniture. Now, I am just so thankful I did not have one.
  • Loved Ones
    Lastly, I am so thankful for having my husband, my family and my friends. I realize that in life, money and things are just bonuses. What truly matters to me now is the love and presence of my loved ones. I won’t imagine how life will be without them. I am just grateful to be waking up knowing that they are alive and healthy, thriving and choosing faith over fear. I am grateful believing that life goes on and that this crisis, no matter how huge, shall pass.

Above all, I thank God for every little and big thing. When things get out of hand, He who is mighty is forever in control. With His grace, we shall overcome.

How about you, my friend? What are you thankful for?

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