21 Days of Covid Life Lessons: DAY 2 – Appreciation & Contentment

I write deals, that’s my full time job. My company is best in giving offers and discounts so that people can enjoy full services at lesser cost. My duty is to produce deals every single day and because it is done daily, the work becomes mundane and tedious. I felt I am a factory worker who is responsible for a small-scale part, not a thing I was proud of. I remember I always wanted to be home. I thought it would be better to stay home…

It has been two weeks since I am home. And guess what, I miss my job. I find my self thinking about my desk, whether it is now dusty or cleaned, the mornings with coffee, the voices of my colleagues, the clickety clack of the keyboard, the overtime lunches, the hustling bus rides, the cheeky hitching, the food delivery, the chai, name it all! My self betrays me by yearning to go back to work.

I realize that human beings always seek what they cannot find. We always crave for something that is not there, desire for something we do not have. There is nothing wrong in these. We want something else while we fail to see what we have at the moment. We miss to appreciate the people around us, the experiences we have, the things we own because we want more, only to find out later that the best is already gone.

It is not late to change perspectives. Instead of feeling bored at home, I choose to enjoy its comforts. I choose to take my time and execute things slow – to watch the sun while I am having my breakfast, to sit without being rushed, to sing in the shower, to water and nurture my plants, to select bunch of movies without worrying about sleep, to cook for my husband, to de-clutter and find long-lost stuffs, to talk to my loved ones and catch up, to write anytime I desire, to build my self up and more.

Delighted to see a flower in one of my plants at home

Let’s look around us and discover that everything is beautiful. While this pandemic pauses our lives, let’s spend these times appreciating what we have, loving who we are with, and resting in the truth that there can be peace in chaos while not losing sight of what is ahead. The future is uncertain but the present is here, let’s make it count. Someday, we will look back to this season and find glory that we did what we ought to do while it lasts.

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