21 Days of Covid Life Lessons: Day 7 – The Power of Prayer

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." 
-Matthew 11:28

Last night, I watched an old movie, Jurassic Park. It shows how genius people can be, how innovative and intellectual we can become to create something which humanity thought would be impossible. In the movie, an ancient and preserved DNA of a dinosaur was found and was used to clown many others. People’s mentality and capacity can be limitless; it seeks further ways, it explores the unseen, it does what is unthinkable, it is so brilliant that it can breathe life to what has been eternally extinct. However, the climax of the movie defeated its plot when the dinosaurs found their way to life, to breed beyond the park, and to haunt as what they are created to be. The multi-million and state-of-the-art theme park that men strive to build, has been torn down by what they cannot control – nature and God.

When I take aback and meditate about the happenings of this world, I see nothing but chaos of all sorts. The rise of time and technology has tagged the fall of humanity. Individuals are fogged with the trends, people are drawn into money and power, families have been broken, friendships have been limited in the screen, achievements have shortcuts, living becomes easy and instant, life has less value day by day.

The pandemic outbreak has been so fatal and disastrous. It has killed a lot and severed the world. Jobs have been lost overnight, lives have been changed in just one blow. But come to think of it, the underlying situations this pandemic has caused have face palmed all of us. Whether the virus is man-made or not, the intelligence and ingenuity of people remain limited compared to the infinity of a super God. Whether you’re an owner of a company or a cleaner in the hallway, your material possessions hold no value when you’re hit by an outbreak. Whether you are healthy or not, a bastard virus that you cannot see can creep in the system and kill even before you know it. What can your power do when you cannot see the enemy?


It is all we can do. The solutions are ongoing, they will be here soon but prayer and faith are the best weapons we have. Our world is just a residue of dust in this universe. We only see what our eyes can, beyond our vision lies a mighty God who controls each and every particle there in. This pandemic is a passing storm that devastates but does not take our identities and worth. It is a minute concern compared to what lies ahead. It is a test of a faith we always used to proclaim.

Pray and see how powerful it can be.

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