21 Days of Covid Life Lessons: Day 8 – The Future

I am in the phase of my life where I finally grasp what I really want to do for the rest of it. The younger years were too ideal, they were fascinating but as time passed by, I got to know myself better and been able to find out what I can really do and what I want to become until I die. However clear, my goals seem insensible these times. Practically, I am not yet equipped with the skills and resources to make them happen. Worse, here I am now; having no income, having less chances of employment and waiting for the fatal and rolling pandemic to end.

Perhaps many people out there think like me. But here’s the thing, this is the right time to start THE dream! These times may be chaotic and hopeless but these are quiet, idle, and loose. When people are in the pit, we pull ourselves up. It means to say that when we are in our lowest, we tend to be more sensitive to our calling, we tend to wail for answers and be naturally resourceful to sustain our needs. This is the right time to collect every ounce of hope to build something we always envisioned of.

Do you dream of becoming a chef? Cook what you have at home and imagine you’re in your own cooking show. The Michelins are original, forget about the cooking tutorials and start creating your own dish. When times get better, sell them!

Do you dream of becoming a writer? Well, start it! Jot down anything your mind bursts out and have all your free time learning how to make it interesting. Start a blog or write a book. Who knows, the next best-seller is about to come?

Do you dream of becoming a businessman? Start by managing your own money well. Think about the super-rich who started from their garage. Think how repairing shoes can lead someone to own a conglomerate. To make things simpler, get up early. Read a lot! Have discipline. Mind your own body. Successful businessmen don’t just…sleep.

In other words, do now what you want to become in the future. Act as if you are already living the dream. Don’t wait for the better days, make these days better. When this pandemic ends, we go back to ‘normal’ and might lose sight of these goals again. Remember this metaphor, before the rise of the tallest building came a massive destruction of land with immense tensions and chaos. The more the wreck, the stronger the build, the greater it will become.

It isn’t soon. Today won’t come again.

The future is now. Will you? Or you will!

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