21 Days of Covid Life Lessons: Day 9 – Family

"Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home." -Anonymous

I have vivid memories of my childhood. It is vivid because those were experiences done together like playing at home, playing at the park, hide and seek, running and chasing, and the like. Before the screen, there were physical interactions. Before social media, there were real games. Before anything else, there was family.

During this pandemic, we are at home but know that we are not alone. We got too busy before that we failed to realize the importance of family – the rock and the ground of our success. Even when we encounter challenges, anything is made lighter because we know that our loved ones are around. With them, everything is bearable.

Tell your spouse how much they mean to you

Appreciate your family members and check up on them

Catch up with friends and tell them that they’re precious

Use the time to BE with your family. Talk, play, converse. Be present

Share something you’ve done with your loved ones today.

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