21 Days of Covid Life Lessons: Day 12 – Express your Feelings

It was the Holy month of Ramadan in 2014, barely two months that I was in Dubai. I would go home from work earlier than usual. I had Skype with my family that day. My father was on bed, I remember, ready to sleep. He kept on telling me to go home even days prior to that. He said he would give me anything and even buy me a car so I would go back home. It was not unusual for me as my dad and I were too clingy for each other. The network failed even before we said goodbye. Three days after that, he passed away. Without previous sickness, no warning, he is gone.

My whole life is shaped by my father that’s why every inch of me remembers him. Looking back to that fateful day, I wish I would have said I love him before the network failed. Or I should have called him back for that matter. But I didn’t. And I blew my chance forever.

Nothing in life is certain. Before this decade started, we anticipated for a fruitful year, celebrated its beginning and planned hopefully for the better. We planned for travel, investments, purchases, and more. But before we could even start, the virus burst like flames, it’s too wide that no one could ever escape. One day we were dining out and the next day we were home. One day we were in the cinema and the next day it was closed. One day we were assessing our money and the next day, we were unpaid. One day we were happy and the next day, everything seemed so different.

In the midst of this pandemic, may we all realize that material things have no value and that our loved ones are worthy. May we all step up and express how we feel. With the time that we have, may we use it to express gratitude and appreciation for what they have done and for being there for us in these challenging times. May we not dwell in anger and anxiety but instead shift our focus to what lies ahead which we can soon build up together. May we find love in the midst of chaos and life in all uncertainties. May we rest in the fact that we are not alone, that we just need to reach out and be open to the ones who truly matter. There is no need for any fancy. Express in any way your can.

  • Cook and make it special
  • Write a letter
  • Send an email
  • Have a video call
  • Offer a massage
  • Have deep conversations
  • Plan together. The world is not ending yet
  • Play games
  • Make love (for married couples hmmmp)
  • Pray together
  • Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you…

We do not wait for the right time. Any second can be right. We do not blow chances; otherwise, they would blow us back. It is easier to make a move than carry what ifs forever.

What are you waiting for? Tell someone today.

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