21 Days of COVID Life Lessons: Day 14 – Self Care

Just a week before the outbreak, I and my husband went to the mall for shopping. The stalls were empty, there were no people around and almost all shops were on huge sale. I was drawn into a big 12 sign, I ended up buying 12 facial masks for only eighty bucks (three bucks per mask). I love facial masks, but my husband couldn’t understand why. He would preach about the cons of chemicals and prefer to use soaps. Ugh! Facial masks for me are more than that. It gives me comfort, hydrates my skin and gives me a sense of freshness. It revives me.

The thing is, it is not about the facial masks. It is beyond the thing. It is the joy I have from Self Care. It is a wide concept that’s justified by one’s experiences and results. It is something we gain from what we do everyday. When staying at home, there are times when sleeping is easier than getting up. Worrying seems innate than keeping the motivation. Self care is not feasible during challenging times but it is something we should not take for granted.

  • Have a skincare routine (Physical)
  • Exercise (Physical)
  • Eat fresh and healthy (Physical)
  • Listen to calm music (Psychological)
  • Choose people you spend time with (Psychological)
  • Read a book (Mental)
  • Learn new things (Mental)
  • Give a hug (Emotional)
  • Take a break when needed (Emotional)
  • Pray and meditate (Spiritual)
  • and more!

Self care is not selfish. It is a vital foundation of living, it is loving ourselves so we can give what we have. It is a consistent practice to build our selves, our confidence, our character. It is what everyone of us needs. It is nature.

Share your Self care routines and ideas below 🙂

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