Day 16 – What I Told my Sister Today

When you think that life is complicated, it is not. It is actually simple.

Love yourself first. You cannot give what you do not have.
Loving one’s self is not selfish. It is respect. It is something you owe to yourself.
Nourish your body. Eat and sleep.
Be active and rest.

Beauty is subjective. It is out of the box.
Brain with a body is better than a body without a brain.
Outside appearance is temporary,
Mind, personality and character are legendary.

‘Helping others’ is an overstatement.
Helping is good but help in discreet and deeper way.
Educate, share and lead them to opportunities.
When one asks for fish, provide him with a net.
Give him the fish and you feed him for a day. Teach the man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

Seen a rotten fruit? Cut the roots, not the branches.

The people in this world have so many problems. Tackle your own.
The problems of others don’t have to be yours.
You cannot change someone.
You cannot SAVE someone.
Others’ opinion is none of your business.

True friendship is a gem.
But some friends come and go.
Those who go, let them. Those who stay, treasure them.
Not all friends are happy with your success,
not everyone is sad with your failure.

You are worthy and priceless. You don’t need anyone to validate that.
Honor a relationship by choosing the right MAN.
Respect your body by waiting for marriage.
Value your time and energy. They are gold.

Two things you never chase are True love and true friends.

Money is good. It is power. Control it, NOT that it will control you.
Save money. Save resources. Invest!
When it rains, you don’t have to seek for shelter.
Buy stocks, not appliances.
Buy quality, not quantity.
Pay for services, not goods.
Fulfill the purpose.

Work hard. Work smart. Work right.
So you don’t have to work all your life.
Get rich. It is always possible.

Keep calm. It gives you peace.
Choose silence. You don’t have to tell everyone everything.
Say yes, say no. No one can force you.
Decide on your own and make choices.
Create choices!
Failures are realities, get up and start again.
Don’t do the same mistakes twice. Stupidity is not in the law.
Be independent. NO ONE will help you.

It can be good, but is it right? There is a difference.
It is right, but is it worth it?

Life is a waiting game. Everything has a season.
Cherish every moment. Be present, not in the screen.
You may laugh now, but cry after.
Or weep now, but dance later.

Nothing is permanent. Live in the moment.
Breathe one day at a time.
Challenges are overwhelming.
But grace is always free.

Life has no shortcuts.
Pass through it. Go through it.
It is okay. It shall be okay.

You are not perfect.
But know every thing you ought to be.
Share and care, it ends there.
Winning is not about convincing,
It is about doing what you say and saying what you do.

Religion is division.
Faith is salvation.
Humanity wins. Kindness is peace.
There are many things you cannot control
and many circumstances you cannot judge.

Let go and let God.
After all, it is He who only matters.

When you think that life is complicated, the people are. Life is actually beautiful.
Live it!

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