Day 17 Onwards: Something I Never Expected

The plan was to blog daily for twenty one days and share the lessons I learned during the pandemic. What happened halfway was something different, something I never wanted to occur, something that changed the way I am, forever.

On the 12th of April, I woke up a bit later than usual. I was set to have a video call but the other end cancelled just when I was about to get up. Having nothing else to do, I went straight to the bathroom for my daily routine. Seeing dirt on the sidewalls really bothers me, so I decided to do some cleaning. Right away, I poured some powder onto the sink, bowl, tub, and the bathroom floor. I hummed as I scrubbed while thinking about what to have for brunch. I was halfway through the floor and the tub. I stepped twice and before I could hold onto something, my feet slipped like a scalded cat and I helplessly fell, landing on my elbow. Thud! My husband ran and helped while I continue to scream in shock and pain. We rushed to the hospital and found that my fall broke my arm. It was a complete fracture.

Before and after the bone surgery

The fracture is excruciating. It is beyond painful. It is like being peeled alive. I am always a careful person but accidents happen. Like the pandemic, it is unprecedented, it is unwanted. But it should be faced, gone through and overcome.

I am currently recovering. It is hard to be typing using my left hand when I am right handed. My movements are very slow and limited. Simple reflexes are now tasks, they are time consuming and they feel like a milestone.

I will be sharing my thoughts in the coming days. I am good, I am alive and that alone is a blessing.

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