My Body After Humerus Fracture

In the middle of Coronavirus crisis, I lie across my table with an arm sling. I type with my left hand faster than a week ago. The terrible pain is now a memory but the prick of the surgical staples arouse unwanted itch and discomfort. The cold bothers me. There is a reverberating sensation of the steel once it is faced by a low temperature. Sometimes, I feel slashed and pierced. At other times, I feel tickled. Mastering the moves is important, trying out positions is now a part to make living more at ease. The recovery phase is such a hassle. It drags out time and exhausts my energy. I learn deep breathing and how helpful it is every time. I realize I can be patient and positive; after all, life is not that bad.

The human body needs to move. It is designed for motion. My muscles become stiff after a week of immobility. Straightening my arm is like setting husks and hays apart. It is stuck and it rather clings. My arm needs power and constant stretching for a straight angle. After the agonizing arm exercises, a relief surprisingly follows. It just proves how essential it is to be active.

Every part of our body is connected. My arm muscles contract the moment I sit. When my upper body moves, my legs respond. When one part seems to be unsettled, the other parts support and defend. When my bone broke, the whole body was in shock. But they did something. They rushed for shield and protection, doubling up the work to cover the debilitated portion and renew it for function. Amazing!

The body is Herculean. The more it’s used, the stronger it becomes. Like a guitar, the more you play, the better the sound. It is wired to soothe itself and not to panic. It is designed to grow and not to fear. It is made to move and not to be idle.

I shall carry this scar all throughout my life. It is a cue to use my willpower over the whispers of procrastination. It is a line showing the boundary between fitness and laziness. It is a proof how my body saved me and a reminder that I should also save it. It is grace under pressure. It is a chance to fully and consistently change. It is life and it is only one.

The body communicates. This time, I am listening.

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