Scar of Grace

I see more…

Beneath that is a broken bone. How amazing it is to feel it’s regenerating.
It is fragile but it is fighting. For when it is weak, it is strong.
The line tells that anything can happen beyond what the eyes can see. Danger is everywhere even at home.
It shows that something is fixed, it is done. It will heal.
One line that alters tens of tasks.
It is a demarcation of what one can do or cannot.
It is the line that shows the depths of marriage, the meaning of the vows, the unchained friendship between my husband and I,
it is showing the ugly yet accepting it fully, embracing it like its own.
This line shows how each food affects, your choices will come back to you, rolling or lying on the floor.
What a powerful line.

This will be here forever, I guess.
I love this scar. It is now a part of me.
For most, it is grace.
It is ending up having what I don’t deserve – a second chance.

The start of the scar is the end of fear, of unhealthy habits, of hallow dreams. Where it begins, life is anew.

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