30 Lessons in 30 Years!

17th of May 2020
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I feel emotional today, it’s my birthday! Thirty seemed too old, but yeah, it happens. I have the luxury to take time now, I look back to everything that happened in my life. Some were heartbreaking but most of it were happy and worth celebrating. I pour out all lessons I can share, hoping these will give light to others:

  1. Health is wealth
  2. My body defines my food choices
  3. Move! My body is designed for motion
  4. Sleep is as important than work
  5. True friendship is rare
  6. True friends never leave
  7. True love can happen
  8. Do what you love, love what you do
  9. Consistency is the key
  10. Security does not mean “jobs”
  11. My parents can be wrong
  12. But I should always honour and respect them
  13. Family is a treasure
  14. My mom is my true best friend
  15. Be open to new ideas
  16. Even the strange ones
  17. Maturity comes with experiences
  18. Mistakes are lessons
  19. Seek help. Asking is wiser than pretending
  20. Keep quiet. Be silent
  21. Not everyone deserves to hear what you have to say
  22. Be kind
  23. But be firm
  24. Life can twist
  25. Everything is temporary
  26. God gives, and He takes away
  27. I cannot control everything
  28. Trust only the Almighty
  29. Live life. Live well
  30. I only live once.

There are so much more that I cannot detail. I’m grateful to be alive this long and to be learning a lot. It is never too late to be better.

Lots of love,

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