Humerus Bone Fracture Update

It has been a month since the fall. For all who never knew, I unfortunately slipped in the bathroom, landed on my elbow and broke my upper right arm. It is an understatement to say it was painful, it was more than that. I can recall every pain I felt on every slight stroke. I would refrain from changing clothes because it was tedious and distressing. I haven’t showered for 23 days as the doctor instructed to keep my wounds dry. It wasn’t a very pleasant journey, but it was a meaningful and unforgettable one.

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience only. What I did and am doing is advised and approved by my orthopedic surgeon based on my tests, condition, and progress. This may not be true and may not be applied to all.

The pain left after the two-hour surgery. The anesthesia was quite strong, it had me heavy-eyed for two days. The discomfort was present every night that sleeping had become a nightmare. I would feel a stick inside my arm, a prick, a tickle, and every weird sensation I could ever recall. I needed assistance in almost everything – getting up, dressing up, eating, et cetera. I disgust my hair for becoming an oil refinery, I felt so helpless. The very blessed thing is that, my husband has always been there for an all-out, unconditional care and support.

Hospital visits happened weekly for three weeks. I was advised to move my lower arm up and down only, side-ward movements are proscribed. I was too apprehensive because of the memory of the pain. I thought I was traumatized. The surgical staples were removed after two weeks and on the third weekly visit, my X-ray showed a safe removal of the sling. It was a relief for me to know that I am somehow doing great.

Lessons and Reflections:
– The elbow and the shoulder have to be attached to the body so that the healing process of the bone will not be disrupted.
– The lower arm, wrist and fingers, however, should be moved so that the muscles won’t get stiff. It isn’t the bone nor the nerves, my discomfort is caused by the muscles. Once they are not used, they become tight.
– The bones are designed to carry a normal weight (though it can carry up to a thousand kilograms). It is therefore best to be fit. Being fat really takes a toll.
– When fat, the bones squeak, the muscles are choked, the organs are suffocated. Health is wealth!
– The soft spongy ball does the magic. When clenched, muscles from arm to shoulder to neck move. It is amazing! What our fingers do, our neck feels. It all affects the other.
– Exercising my lower arm with a bottle of shampoo rebuilds my strength. Everyday, I improve.
– The body follows gravity. When you let it naturally, it settles in. Sometimes, the pain happens when we resist that.
– Healthy and balanced diet helps a lot. I lost 7 kgs for a month and I feel lighter and stronger. The doctor knows, of course.
– It takes time. But every morning, I wake up stronger. I listen to my body and I feel its healing and restoration.

I’m sharing this because the fear inside my head is greater than the pain of a broken bone. It may somehow relate to someone experiencing the same condition. The doctor’s advice is top notch yet the nature’s reality can’t be ignored. I have never been this in-sync with my body. And yeah, there’s a rainbow always after the rain.

Five weeks after the surgery

At present, I do front-back arm exercises only. I gently massage my muscles and wear sling when asleep. That way, my arm will be safe, won’t move side-wards when I happen to toss around. The bone is healing, the body as well. 🙂

Stay safe, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Humerus Bone Fracture Update

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your fall MM. It sounds like you have had quite a time! That birthday cake your hubby made must have taken your mind from it for a good 15 minutes. 😞 and thank you for the insta-likes. Oh, I hope things are on the mend now. We’re not made out of rubber balls and elastic bands like Caleb sadly…


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