10 Money Wasters and More

Have you experienced getting short of money before the salary comes? Is saving hard for you? Is your income not enough for all your expenses? Financial problem has many causes. It actually is a result of bad habits and poor mentality that have been happening over time. Besides that, there is one reason why one always end up breaking … Continue reading 10 Money Wasters and More

Mumbai in the Eyes of a Foreigner

We touched down before the break of dawn. Upon entering the airport, I was welcomed by the flamboyant colours of the wall, the ceilings and the flooring. The way to the immigration showcased deities; it showed so much of the country's culture. Mumbai is not a city, it's a way of life. -Subhasis Das Before … Continue reading Mumbai in the Eyes of a Foreigner

How To Get an Indian Visa for a Filipino in Dubai UAE?

I'm excited and kicking! In two weeks, I am going to India's financial capital, the powerhouse of Bollywood, the city that never sleeps - Mumbai! Ever since I got married to a Mumbaikar, I haven't had the chance to visit the country and meet the entire family. This, for the first time, is the moment … Continue reading How To Get an Indian Visa for a Filipino in Dubai UAE?

Fri-cling at Al Qudra Cycle Track

Before embracing the summer of 2019, my friends and I pedaled the 85-km uninterrupted loop. Of course we were not able to finish the entire track, yet we had so much fun cycling along the glorious and picturesque desert that's home of sandland's Oryx, camels, among others. Weekend 2 Hour bike rent with helmet for … Continue reading Fri-cling at Al Qudra Cycle Track

When Helping is NOT Helping Anymore

HELPING - This aspect of my life, I should say, was completely shaped by my late father. He, at most times, was known for his excessive generosity and devotion to help whoever was in need. For many years, I considered my self liberal, rebellious and different because I used to disagree, speak against and question … Continue reading When Helping is NOT Helping Anymore

The Findians Honeymoon: Armenia Winter Travel 2018-19

Happily ever after had started! We, The Findians (Filipino-Indian couple) are finally married! After two weeks of family bonding in Dubai, we were so thrilled to have our Honeymoon trip to Armenia! Armenia is located in the South Caucasus, bordered by Georgia from the north, Iran from the south, Artsakh from the east, Azerbaijan from … Continue reading The Findians Honeymoon: Armenia Winter Travel 2018-19

Picking THE Dress

They say finding the right dress is just like finding the right person. You look through details, you dig in time, you spend a lot of energy and emotions, it has a lot of considerations, it is a journey.  Likewise, my journey to picking the right wedding dress was nothing short of a challenging scout. Dubai … Continue reading Picking THE Dress

The Findians’ Intimate Wedding in Dubai

Fall of 2016, someone told he wanted to marry me. Two years after, we got married. ❀️ Being married to another nationality was challenging. With our differences, we had considered many things before tying the knot - the travel expenses, the vacation days, the accessibility of supplier, our close friends who are living in Dubai, … Continue reading The Findians’ Intimate Wedding in Dubai

2018 – Blessed and Blissful

Just like that, it's 2019 in a few hours! This year has just been so moving, interesting and awesome, I cannot help but express how grateful, blessed and blissful I am. I am overwhelmed of how the Lord keeps His promises. For He has always planned to give us hope and a future: I got … Continue reading 2018 – Blessed and Blissful