Are you up for a fitness workout or run? Check out this awesome shoe from Adidas ! It’s hard to believe that such a stylish pair of sneakers is made from fishing nets and waste plastic from oceans. Fishing nets thrown into the ocean are one of the key causes of sea pollution. However, these reclaimed [...]

Surreal Fairy World is made up of Waitomo Glow Worms

The Waitomo Glowworm Cave in New Zealand has attracted thousands of visitors around the world. At first glance, you might think that you’re under Tinkerbell’s pixy dusts or somewhere starry parallel universe. This Stunning, picturesque and dreamy cavern is actually a beautiful disguise by some larvae. image © Fabian Ebi image © Fabian Ebi Glowworm [...]

India’s Root Bridge is built by Nature

Meghalaya, the Northeast state of India is home to some of the unique structures made by man in collaboration with nature. The villagers here have mastered an indigenous technique of constructing Root Bridges. These are living bridges which are not built but grown. The Khasi people of Meghalaya have been carrying forward the indigenous construction technique [...]

Artist uses something sweet for an Art Project

HONEY – a metaphor of sweetness and a gift of nature just found another use. Dense, heavy and sticky, it was never an ideal raw material for visual art. However, American photographer Blake Little has launched an art project called Preservation with people drenched in honey to create a striking visual experience. Blake was intrigued by the sustainable characteristics of [...]