My New Website is Here!

Hello All, This blog will be online until June of 2021 but I am no longer posting here. It is sad to leave some memories behind but it is exciting to venture out something new, something that fulfills my purpose. It has been great with you all. And I hope that your continue to support … Continue reading My New Website is Here!

Humerus Bone Fracture Update

It has been a month since the fall. For all who never knew, I unfortunately slipped in the bathroom, landed on my elbow and broke my upper right arm. It is an understatement to say it was painful, it was more than that. I can recall every pain I felt on every slight stroke. I … Continue reading Humerus Bone Fracture Update

30 Lessons in 30 Years!

17th of May 2020SundayDubai, United Arab Emirates I feel emotional today, it's my birthday! Thirty seemed too old, but yeah, it happens. I have the luxury to take time now, I look back to everything that happened in my life. Some were heartbreaking but most of it were happy and worth celebrating. I pour out … Continue reading 30 Lessons in 30 Years!

Scar of Grace

I see more... Beneath that is a broken bone. How amazing it is to feel it's regenerating.It is fragile but it is fighting. For when it is weak, it is strong.The line tells that anything can happen beyond what the eyes can see. Danger is everywhere even at home.It shows that something is fixed, it … Continue reading Scar of Grace

My Body After Humerus Fracture

In the middle of Coronavirus crisis, I lie across my table with an arm sling. I type with my left hand faster than a week ago. The terrible pain is now a memory but the prick of the surgical staples arouse unwanted itch and discomfort. The cold bothers me. There is a reverberating sensation of … Continue reading My Body After Humerus Fracture

Day 17 Onwards: Something I Never Expected

The plan was to blog daily for twenty one days and share the lessons I learned during the pandemic. What happened halfway was something different, something I never wanted to occur, something that changed the way I am, forever. On the 12th of April, I woke up a bit later than usual. I was set … Continue reading Day 17 Onwards: Something I Never Expected

21 Days of COVID Life Lessons: Day 15 – Friendship

What does Friendship mean to me? It is lasting,It does not count days, years or money,It is beyond the hi's and hello's,the ladies' night out or the good times,It does not limit to what we can get or learn,Or what we can benefit or gain.Friendship knows no bounds,It is accepting the good and the bad,the … Continue reading 21 Days of COVID Life Lessons: Day 15 – Friendship

21 Days of COVID Life Lessons: Day 14 – Self Care

Just a week before the outbreak, I and my husband went to the mall for shopping. The stalls were empty, there were no people around and almost all shops were on huge sale. I was drawn into a big 12 sign, I ended up buying 12 facial masks for only eighty bucks (three bucks per … Continue reading 21 Days of COVID Life Lessons: Day 14 – Self Care

21 Days of Covid Life Lessons: Day 13 – Habits

Believe me when I say I (used to be) lazy. The circumstances I was in did not urge me to work hard and find something I should be busy with. However, time and people change. As I grew older, I found that working hard is valuable and that whatever situation I will be in, I … Continue reading 21 Days of Covid Life Lessons: Day 13 – Habits