Humerus Bone Fracture Update

It has been a month since the fall. For all who never knew, I unfortunately slipped in the bathroom, landed on my elbow and broke my upper right arm. It is an understatement to say it was painful, it was more than that. I can recall every pain I felt on every slight stroke. I … Continue reading Humerus Bone Fracture Update

Scar of Grace

I see more... Beneath that is a broken bone. How amazing it is to feel it's regenerating.It is fragile but it is fighting. For when it is weak, it is strong.The line tells that anything can happen beyond what the eyes can see. Danger is everywhere even at home.It shows that something is fixed, it … Continue reading Scar of Grace

Day 17 Onwards: Something I Never Expected

The plan was to blog daily for twenty one days and share the lessons I learned during the pandemic. What happened halfway was something different, something I never wanted to occur, something that changed the way I am, forever. On the 12th of April, I woke up a bit later than usual. I was set … Continue reading Day 17 Onwards: Something I Never Expected